Accumulation & Wealth Management:  MyPFA utilizes a fee based approach to develop investment strategies that will carry our clients financial vision from the present to the future.  We offer a comprehensive lineup of accounts and money managers to tailor strategies to each client's situation.  Whatever your goal maybe, we have the resources and discipline to help you achieve it. 

Retirement Planning:  At MyPFA we understand retirement is not just a destination but a continuation of your lifestyle.  We know our clients retirement income cannot be based on a single rigid product but relies on developing multiple revenue streams to help ensure you do not outlive your assets.

Risk Management:  MyPFA implements strategies that have the underlying goal of helping you preserve your lifestyle both now and in the future.  Through the use of insurance and estate planning, along with appropriate levels of cash liquidity, we believe developing a financial safety net today will help provide protection for tomorrow's unknowns.