A Portfolio Unique To You

Building a portfolio is about more than investments, its about making the right choices that align with your plan.  At MyPFA we have the freedom to recommend only what we believe is the right fit for each client's unique situation.  From stocks, bonds and mutual funds to alternative investments such as private placements and REITs, MyPFA has a full spectrum of investment vehicles to design a portfolio to your specific objectives.  There are plenty of choices when it comes to building a portfolio but there's only one YOU.  

Asset Management Services

For investors who'd prefer professional management to navigate the complexities of the marketplace and its rapidly changing conditions, MyPFA provides the skills required to develop your risk profile, asset allocation and money management selection to help you navigate your plan in a continously changing environment.

MyPFA asset management fee structure:

  • $25k - $250k = 1.3%
  • $250K - $500k = 1.25%
  • $500k - $1million = 1.20%
  • $1million - $2million = 1.15%
  • $2million - $5million = 1.10%
  • $5million - $25million = 1.00%


To access the Osiac Wealth Form ADV Part 2A, submit a request through the Contact Us section.