Protecting The Present & Future

Insurance is a crucial piece of long term financial planning, helping ease the the burden of life events you may or may not anticipate.  MyPFA has access to a wide array of quality insurance carriers and products that can add an important layer of security for you, your family and business. 

Life Insurance

Life insurance is the single largest unmanaged asset, and one of the most valuable assets, a person can own. It's critical to ensure insurance coverage and policy provisions have keep pace with the changes in ones life.

A life Insurance analysis by MyPFA brings clarity to the purpose of your life insurance.  By providing your inforce policy information along with your medical background and a financial snapshot of your current situation, we then provide the following analysis:

  1. ANALYZE policy coverage relative to the client's needs and goals
  2. ASSESS medical risks to determine whether mortality charges and policy expenses are in line with the most up-to-date medical underwriting classifications available
  3. NEGOTIATE with carriers to obtain the most favorable mortality pricing
  4. REVIEW product and planning tactics to ensure they are aligned with goals and objectives
  5. DETERMINE financial stability of policy carrier
  6. EVALUATE results to generate a recommendation: maintain current policy or consider other options

65% of all policies that complete a Life Insurance Analysis find that improvements are available in the following areas:

  • Premium reductions
  • Increased death benefits
  • Extended coverage
  • Better policy guarantees