Details Make The Difference

Simply stated, the goal is to accumulate enough assets to sustain your lifestyle of today through your retirement years.  Whether your early in your career or nearing retirement, MyPFA has the resources to plan, implement and execute a tailored strategy to meet your needs. 

Simplifying life's complexities, we work as stewards to your retirement vision.  

MyPFA is committed to providing indepth analysis and projections to assist our clients in making THE most informed decisions possible when it comes to their vision of retirement. 

Our projections are stress tested against three scenarios:

1. Projected average returns relative to the portfolio allocation

2. Unexpected downturns or "bad timing" at retirement

3. Randomized sequence of returns that test the strategy againts 10,000+ variations of market performance

Our approach provides the information needed to help clients determine how to prepare for and maximize the lifestyle they envision in retirement.

We then implement an annual plan of action that outlines our targets for savings rates, portfolio returns and end of year balances to measure our success against each passing year.  This approach ensures both the client and advisor are working in unison on achieving the client's vision of retirement.